Serving Masterton for over 80 Years.

Parish of The Epiphany, Masterton

31st December 2023

1st Sunday of Christmas
Te Rātapu Tuatahi i muri i te Rā Whānautanga

1st Reading: Isa 61:10–62:3
2nd Reading: Gal 4:4-7
Gospel: Luke 2:22-40
Prayer Points
·  We give thanks for the peace we have in Christ Jesus.
· We pray for those traveling during this time for safe travel and restful breaks.
· We pray for those experiencing increased stress at this time of the year.
· We pray for God’s peace and comfort to all who grieve, for Christ’s healing power for the sick and suffering, and for patience & encouragement for those recovering from surgery. We pray especially for those in our parish family who are grieving and for those who are unwell.
· We pray for all those in war-torn countries; we pray for peace.


Morning Prayer

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Daily Lectionary Readings

Daily Lectionary Readings

Daily Lectionary Readings 

New easy to use Daily prayer website is a cut-down digital-friendly version of The Lectionary

It gives you morning and evening readings from our lectionary in an easy to access format. As well as being able to read the readings, you can listen to them too. You can check it out here….

These readings have been taken from the Anglican Church Lectionary Morning Prayers 2024

Mon 1 Jan Ps 103,(150) Gen 17:1-13 Rom 2:17-29
Tues 2 Jan Ps 18:1-30 Ruth 1 Col 2:8-end
Wed 3 Jan Ps 127;(128;131) Ruth 2 Col 3:1-11
Thur 4 Jan Ps 89:1-36 Ruth 3 Col 3:12-4:1
Fri 5 Jan Ps (8),48 Ruth 4:1-17 Col 4:2-end
Sat 6 Jan Ps 132;(113) Jer 31:7-14 John 1:29-34
Sun 7 Jan