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About Anglican Missions

Anglican Missions partners and networks with a range of churches and organisations.

With funds raised for missions we support churches and projects through the Diocese of Polynesia, the Anglican Church of Tanzania, the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea, the Anglican Church of Melanesia, the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East and in some years the Church of Pakistan.

A significant grant is also given annually to the New Zealand Church Missionary Society (NZCMS).

Our networks are growing, and in Oct 2020 we joined the Council for International Development (CID), which is the umbrella agency for New Zealand NGO’s working in overseas aid and development. In joining, we are more easily able to partner with other agencies – including a number of church and faith-based agencies.

We also have good networking relationships with the Anglican AllianceAnglican Overseas Aid (AOA)Anglican Board of Missions Australia (ABM)Christian World Service (CWS) and Tearfund.


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