Prayer walk

In praying “come Holy Spirit” not only do we invite God to have his way in his world, more crucially we invite God to have his way in us.
Calvin T Samuel BA MBA PhD
Principal, London School of Theology
On Saturday 27 May, Epiphany parishoners met at the Church to walk prayerfully around the wonderful place that we live in. This was our part of “lighting up the North Island with prayer” as part of the Diocesan week of prayer, and our way of participating in the global community of Anglicanism with the Archbishop of Canterbury “Thy Kingdom Come 2017”. To celebrate, in groups we walked around our Church, having been given great maps by Paul that showed us the hidden nature spots, and together we walked and prayed.
We prayed for the parishoners we knew, and those we did not. We prayed for those who had beautiful gardens, acknowledging the joy they brought us as we peered at the natives and birdlife, and we prayed for the houses and gardens where they were less tidy. We prayed for the health and well being of those inside and their families. We prayed for the kindergarten, the school and the dental clinic, the other churches we passed, and those members of Masterton community who grew and developed the streets and parks over the past hundreds of years. We were fortified by afternoon tea and joined by Elaine and Pam. It was lovely to spend time together as a church community, and hope this will be the first of more prayerful walks around our town.